Request Judges

Let NAWGJ assign your judges!

Letting us assign your meet is the quickest and easiest way to find quality judges.

We want to remind you that requests for assigning are due by October 1. This means you must have entered your meet in GYMJAS and paid by that date, if you want MO NAWGJ to assign your meet. 

Step 1: Enter in GYMJAS

Submit your meet in GYMJAS under the Meet Director Portal. This is also where you will see contracts once your meet has been assigned.

GYMJAS step-by-step directions

Step 2: Send Payment

You must pay $5 per judge for your meet to be assigned. We accept electronic payments through Zelle, which is offered through most banks or now through the Zelle app. (How does Zelle work?) Use the following name and email.



We’d prefer you use Zelle if possible, but if you have trouble or need to mail a check, email Felicia Ostrom for help.

Working with Assigners

If MO NAWGJ assigns your meet, it will be given to one of our assigners. This is a volunteer position taken on by some of our judges. Here are a few key things to know about the process.

Senior Awards

Szpak-Hubbard Award Information:

The MONAWGJ awards all Missouri senior gymnasts a scholarship to recognize their dedication to the sport of gymnastics. This award is named after two judges who are no longer with us who gave so much back to the sport of gymnastics. Coaches, please download the below form and return it to Lisa Horn.